About me

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog!

I’m Lily and I share free printable designs and blogging tips. Since English isn’t my first language, you might find some grammar mistakes, but I will do my best.

In 2017, I bought Adobe Illustrator for the first time, (I always had Photoshop on my laptop, but had never used illustrator before then) and I realized how fun it is to create designs, and how much I missed being creative like I used to be when I was a child.

I wanted to be more creative in life, so I decided to start a blog to inspire myself and hopefully others as well.


What does Neko mean?

Just to clarify, Neko isn’t my last name. (but would be cool) It actually means “cat” in the Japanese language. Yes, I am a huge cat lover! Although I do not own any pets right now, one of my goals is living happily with cats in my dream house.