How I went from 36,000 to over 170,000 Pinterest views in a month

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I am excited to share with you that I reached 170,000 views on Pinterest! In this post, I will show you what I did to achieve this number. (and you can do that too!)

I made my Pinterest account a long time ago, (about 5 years ago) but didn’t pin often. I started pinning every day since I made this blog in January 2018, and it’s growing every day!

No, I didn’t have lots of followers when I decided to make a blog. I just had 22 followers. Even at this moment, I don’t even have 100 followers. (My goal for now is getting 1000 followers! ) But it is possible to increase your Pinterest views without having a massive amount of following.


Make a Description with Good Keywords.

Remember, Pinterest is a search engine, it is important to develop your SEO strategy. Make sure you write a description for boards and profile, not only pins. Don’t just stuff keywords, Use keywords to make actual sentences.

Looking for SEO keywords? I use the Pinterest search box to optimize my descriptions. When you search on Pinterest, keywords suggestion will show up.

For example, if your pin or board is about a wedding, search “wedding” and keyword suggestions will show up.  Wedding Idea, Planning, Photography Decoration…etc. You can use these keywords in your description!


Use Auto-Scheduling Tools

If you want to save time (of course you do), I highly recommend Pinterest Scheduling Tools like Tailwind and Boardbooster which automatically pin for you. It is essential to pin every single day to gain views and followers on Pinterest. These scheduling tools make your life so much easier!


Both websites work great but I prefer to use Tailwind for scheduling pins.

What I like about Tailwind is:

  1. You can schedule multiple pins at once. (This Saves me a lot of time!)
  2. Automatically make schedules based on when your audience is most engaged.
  3. You can join Tribes to share your posts with members and grow your website faster.


I love how Tailwind is super easy to use. It’s FREE to sign up! If you sign up through my link, you will get first 100 pins for FREE + $15 credit.  Make sure you Sign Up Now!


*You may already know but BoardBooster was shut down in June 2018 since Pinterest was banning them. If you are looking for an alternative Pinterest scheduler, as I explained above, I highly recommend using Tailwind.

What about BoardBooster?

Although I prefer to use Tailwind overall, BoardBooster has some features that Tailwind doesn’t have. Here are two of my favorite features:


  • Pin Sourcing Campaign

Pin Sourcing Campaign randomly pins successful pins from other people’s board. First, select any boards on Pinterest you want to pin from, and then select one of your boards you want to pin it to.

Repinning other people’s pin is as important as pinning your own. Increase your Pinterest exposure and reach more people by pinning popular pins.

  • Looping

Another feature I like on BoardBosster is looping, which automatically repins your old pins! If you have a lot of fo pins on your boards, you definitely want to use this to keep reviving your old posts.

There are also Tribes you can join and share your contents with other members, just like Tailwind.

Sign Up Now for FREE TRIAL! 


Manual Pin

Although scheduling tools are super useful and it did help me boost view on Pinterest, I was struggling to get higher engagement rate. While most of the bloggers talk about scheduling tools, I saw a few posts about manual pins, and I found an interesting e-book called: Pinteresting Strategies by Carly Campbell.

I was desperate to know how manual pinning can increase views and the engagement rate, so I quickly purchased the e-book. In the e-book, she explains deeply how Pinterest works as a search engine. A lot of things I didn’t even notice before. Her observation on Pinterest algorithm was eye-opening and it really changed my view. I highly recommend to anyone who hasn’t seen any result from scheduling tools!

However, note that you need to put a lot of work and time with this strategy. I don’t always have time to pin manually every day, I found using both Auto-scheduling tool and manual pin strategy works the best for me right now.


Delete pins

Consider deleting some of the underperforming pins to boost the engagement rate of your boards. I know it is a risk since those pins can go viral anytime, but this strategy really helped me.

I deleted hundreds of pins and as a result, it really did boost up my Pinterest views. Although I am not expert on how the algorithm works on Pinterest, I believe the engagement rate on boards does matter somehow.


Join Group Boards

If you don’t have a massive amount of following, joining group boards is the best way to reach more people quickly.

To join group boards, you need an invite to join. Usually, the description says what to do in order to join the board. You can contact them by message on Pinterest or by email. Not everyone’s gonna reply you, so don’t give up and continue sending messages to other boards owners.

If you are searching for group boards to join, check out PinGroupie.You can search by categories. It’s much easier to find group boards you are looking for.


The most important thing…

This is basic but most important: Pinning every day as possible! More you pin, more people will see your pins and profile. (But don’t spam, pin contents that your audience want to see) Pinterest is a great source of traffic. Know what works for you and test it every day.

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