How to Earn Money from Shopping Online!

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive commissions if you click on the links and make a purchase.

If you love shopping online and don’t use Ebates, you are missing out!

Ebates is a platform that you can get Cashback when you shop online through Ebates.

You can get cashback from famous brands and stores like Walmart, Amazon, eBay, Target,  Apple Music, ASOS,  Forever 21, Sephora, Kate Spade, Expedia, and more!

Most of the stores offer 1% to 10% cash back, depends on brands. The percentage can be doubled for a limited time, so you should always check their website if there are any good deals.


And, of course, It’s FREE to join! (No fee at all) If you sign up from my website, You will get $10 Welcome bonus when you make purchases a minimum $25 through Ebates within 90 days of becoming a member. So, make sure you sign up today!


Is Ebates legit?


I know it sounds too good to be true, right? First, let me say that Ebates is 100% legit,

but why would anyone give you cash when you are not buying from them?

Here is their business model if you are wondering: Everytime customers purchase products through Ebates, they get commissions from the partnered websites. (Yes, it’s basically affiliate marketing.)

Ebates share a part of commissions with whoever purchased through them, so it’s win-win for both.


So how do I actually get CashBack from Ebates?


It’s super fast and easy to sign up! Visit, and click on “Join Now”.

You just need an email address to join.

Remember, in order to get cash back, you need to go through Ebates BEFORE you make any purchase. Go to Ebates and log in to your account, then search for stores you like. Simply click on “Shop now” button.


Then, you will see a page like below and it will redirect you to the website.


Ebates is awesome, but I often forget about going through their links.

As a nature of the business model, you cannot claim Cashback after purchase.

If you are using Google Chrome, I highly recommend you to install Ebates extension!

With the Ebates Extension, whenever you land on participated websites,  a pop-up banner comes out automatically and remind you to use Ebates.

Click on the red Activate button and cash back will be on.


This extension is super useful and time-saving, but it might not work on some retail sites even if they are Ebates partner sites. If it doesn’t seem to be working, you have to manually go through just like I explained above.


They confirm Cashback in few days usually, but it might take over a month. (Esp. Traveling & hotel booking websites often take a long time to confirm. )


How do I get paid on Ebates?

To receive a payment, your cash balance needs to be greater than $5. Payments will be sent by cheque or Paypal. If you live outside North America, you want to set Paypal as your preference. The payment is sent every three months.


Ebates is a money-saver.

I saved $40 so far and received my payment through Paypal. Since I don’t shop online often, I know it’s not much compared to people who saved thousands of dollars on Ebates but I’m grateful for every penny I’ve received 🙂

It’s super easy to use and definitely worth a time. I love how I can save extra money while shopping and You can do that too! Sign up Ebates today and Get your $10 Bonus now! 

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